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Considering 2005 S4 - Anybody Have Bad Experiences

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I am considering a 2005 S4. Other than being a pig on gas, which is measurable and expected, has anyone experienced or heard of any major problems with this vehicle?
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I have had my 2004 S4 for about 8 months, and I love it. I do have to say the fuel consumption is very high. I cannot help from going 100mph all the time, and my consumption averages about 12-14mpg. It's funny to watch the real-time fuel meter drop to 4mpg when you get on the gas. I'm not complaining, just didn't expect it to be so much. I'm suprised others have gotten as high as 18mpg, I'm even more suprised they can keep it under 80mph!! In my S4, 100mph feels like 60mph in any Japanese car, it's truely awesome.
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