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Concert Radio

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Can anyone tell me who are the original manufacture of the concert stereos fitted to Audi A41.9 Tdise year 2000 English models as im in the UK.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
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i think clarion or blaupunkt makes the OEM audi head units... dont quote me on that tho
I've cut & pasted this from the very first post....

Concert II

Audi part Number
Audi part # 8P0 035 186 (European A3)
Audi part # 8E0 035 186 (European A4)
Audi part # 4B0 057 186 (European A6)

2002-2005 TT
Most Euro-spec A3, A4, A6

Single Din

-Single CD
-External CD changer
-Telephone Mute
-NAV Voice
-Sat Radio (optional)

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yep.. i stand corrected, blaupunkt stoped making the audi head units in 1997.. Matsushita made both the Concert and Concert II
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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