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Hi all,
Hopefully someone has run into this before and it's not a country specific problem. My A3 TDI SB has a ConcertII without a CD changer or the Bose option. To hook up my iPod I got a Blaupunkt iPod adapter cable which is meant to plug straight into the back of the head unit, the spot that's normally taken by a cable connecting to a CD changer. After getting the head unit removed by the dealer we realized that the plug that connects the head unit to the amplifier also covers the section of the CD changer even through it does not provide any function, i.e. it's just a dummy section in the plug.
So my question is: Does Blaupunkt (or anyone else) sell an adapter that would allow me to plug in my iPod and the plug from the amp so I don't have to cut off bits of the amp plug?
Thanks much in advance.
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