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Hi fellows!

My 99 A6 has a display in the dash behind the wheel, that is supposed to give me signals on which track and disc the stereo in case i use the NAV on the HU.
And the NAV is also supposed to appear in this display!
But that happens rearly.. For both!

Seems to be working propperly when the car is cold. It shows which track i am playing, but after a while, it stops responding and freezes. The tracks go on, but the display shows the same. And it might even go completely black.
Its working fine sometimes for short periodes. But mostly its black..

I asked a dealer about the reason for this, but all i got in reply, was that there was a communication problem between the stereo HU and the display..

Does anyone know why this is happening, and maybe even give me a few clues on what i can do to fix it?

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