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I drive a 1991 Audi 80 2.0 litre Sport. Its been great for a long time, but recently(past few months) at ignition the engine will have big problems.

The engine will turn and spark, and it will begin firing. But then as the rev's reach idle speed it will suddenly start to fall near to the bottom of the counter and the engine will start shaking around at the low rev's. The engine rev's will fluctuate between low and idle for about 5 seconds then engine will cut. I cant emphasise enough the shaking, i cant see what causes the engine to shake at low RPM.

I tried pressing the gas to give it some fuel to raise the RPM, but the engine just floods and stalls.

The engine will have to be restarted approximately 3-5 times before it is able to idle and handle any gas that i give to it. This can take up to around a minute.

I thought that the start motor was the problem, but after a service it was concluded that it was in full working as the engine has no problem turning. They also changed the battery, brake pads, discs, tightened the alternator, and an oil change.

Once the engine has been running for a while it has no problem turning on, so its just when the engine is cold and left for a few hours.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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