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Clutch problems posible replacement

Hi all
I´m new to this forum. I´m from Argentina, South America.
I´ve just recently bought an Audi A3 1.8T 2001 and I´m really happy with it. Car is gret, good handling, good acceleration and speed and great confort.

I opened this thread since despite the fact that the car is in really good condiiton I do have one problem that is not letting me sleep.

Thing is that I think that the clutch is about to die. Or at least I hope that the problem lies in the clutch.
Its been increasingly difficult to engage first gear. Most of the time in order to achieve it I need to go to second drive and then first drive while stoped on a light. It´s very anoying to have a green light and to have to wait until I manage to make the fist gear to engage.....

Well I´ll take it to service next week to determine if the problem is trully in the clutch and I´ve been doing some reserch just to be prepared.
I came accross this clutch kit:

01-02 AUDI TT 1.8T FWD 5 spd SACHS CLUTCH& FLYWHEEL KIT: eBay Motors (item 390200328744 end time May-31-10 09:54:11 PDT)

And I was wondering if it would be a good choice to replace my stock (dead) one. What benefits can I expect? How much will the originall clutch kit cost?
Is there any better option?

Well I hope you guys who have more experience on Audi can give me a hand.
Thanks all for your time and your help.

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