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Well the clutch is slipping on my B7 A4 2.0TFSI cabriolet.

11 months after buying the car from an Audi main dealer at 3 years of age and with 34K on the clock.........the clutch went. I went with using a local company who specialised in Audis and paid just over £600 to have the job done. The main dealer asked for £970 :-(

Two years later the clutch has gone again.
Now I realise there has been some slight modding done to the car........but 240BHP OVER THE STANDARD 200 is not exactly earth shattering is it.
Anyone recommend a sports clutch or have any experiences.
Based in London.

By the way. A local garage say they can fit a LUK Sports clutch for £530 which does not sound bad at all.
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