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Hi people please help

I have a Audi A3 1999/2000 1.9TDI total mileage 154000

Over the last week the clutch has once or twice been very heavy to operate
then yesterday the clutch pedal went solid, (about half way through its normal travel range) breaking the white nylon mount were the operating rod engages with the pedal itself.

Up on inspection it looked like the fault was the clutch master cylinder as the operating rod was bent.

I have replaced the master cylinder, all ok for about 20 miles then it went solid again, snapping the new white nylon part (that fits between the operating rod and the clutch pedal itslef) allowing the operating rod to come through the pedal.

I removed the slave cylinder (situated on top of the gearbox) and operated the clutch pedal several times with no problems.

I have now replaced the slave cylinder, and fully bleed the clutch system.

I then operated the clutch pedal 6 or 7 times, it went solid about half way down its normal travel length.

I am now at my wits end as to what could be the cause of my problem.

It is possible an issue with the clutch it self? Clutch release mechanism inside the bell housing?

Any ideas will be great fully received
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