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Since the mornings have started to get colder I have noticed that first thing when I drive off and go from 1st to 2nd gear there is a crunch/snagg which will almost disappear as the car warms up. I have had fresh oil put in the box and hasn't really made much difference.

I was thinking that perhaps it could be the baulk ring on the 2nd gear syncro but then someone else mentioned that it could be a weak clutch pressure plate so try double clutching before I go into 2nd and see what happens.
So I go clutch down and into first, pull away then clutch down, out of gear, clutch up and down again and into 2nd and then it doesn't appear to crunch.

I have also tried this before changing into 3rd,4th,5th and 6th and it does appear to make the gear change much smoother. Also works better for changing down the box.

What is clutch drag and how do I tell if this happens ?

So does this make sense to anybody on here or can the suggest anything else I can try so I can determine whether it is clutch related or gearbox related ? Sorry it is a 2.0tdi 6 speed. with 63k on the clock.

Thanks in advance
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