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ive owned several audi's. the family favourite was a b reg audi 80sc. i swear that car was a tank, cos it went through 10 years of being driven by the family, including mum, and never let us down. im sure its still going...!

anyhow, im into my classics and currently own a 1976 audi 80 ls auto...yes auto, i believe its quite rare. one former keeper, brown in colour with a mustard interior. i drove the car from london to the north east...and what a car...i even had flashy mercs and lotus owners waving at me on the m1!!!

small lights & huge bumpers!!!

just wanting to find someon with a similar car to swap stories!!!

due to my broken anke, it is getting neglected as it was garaged all of its life and my mum cannot give me her garage space...

so if you know anyone who loves classic audi's, tell them about me!!!

cheers :liebe011:
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