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:thumbsup: Just changed tuner in my car ('99 a4) from an chorus radio/cassette player, to a concert radio/cd player... everything worked seemingly fine until I started up the engine... then, after a small pause the stereo caught up and played at a low volume, and only in the rear speakers... from the small scheme on top of the radio unit (chorus vs concert) it seems as if the connectors on the back leads to different functions.. only connector that is exactly the same is the speaker-connector! also, on the two units, the amount of pins sticking out (for the connectors) is different.. i.e. the top, blue connector-pins is absent on the chorus (think this is for the cd-changer?? -so it would make sense). Also, buttons don't luminate on the concert (got the answer for this in an other topic), and display on dashboard doesn't show radiofrequency etc...
So... what I'm asking for: Need a wiring scheme for both units to try and right the wrongs here!

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