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why do u say its a scam???? It's a legit i just pulled all of their information....
their world traffic rank is a little under 800,000 if it was a scam they wouldnt have **** like that... nor any other information i pulled.

KC Racing produkter

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I have a 3.0tdi which I have had chipped by a company called Superchips, this is basically a re-map of the ECU. The work is warrantied.
There is only one word to describe the results - un-bee- leeviable. Almost 280bhp, bucket losds of torque, and more MPG!!! what is there to think about. Be aware, the plug in module you referenced is to be avoided, I have tried those previously (BMW X5, A4 TDI), all they do is give more fuel and produce more smoke at the exhaust. The re-map adjusts fuel, air, and boost.

Try this site Scottish superchips, on this site there is dyno readouts of the results for most cars.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

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I have installed the KCR-chip, and I am very satisfied. It gave me much more power and less fuel consumption.

If you have tried it, you will never be without it!

There is a lot of companies that offer chip tuning. KCR is one of the to be trusted.

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