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Check Engine Light Keeps Coming On After Dealershi

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Hope all is well , my check engine light keeps illuminating after the dealers states that the problem is cured. dealer is stating that the O2 sensor is the problem and replace the vac lines, but the check light appears.

please advise
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URQ20V makes a good point. I've had many problems with this warning light on my A4. If the car is running fine but the lite stays on, make sure you are running the highest octane you can get. I found in the past that my check engine light would come on if I used a lower octane. It did however reset itself within a few days after running the higher octane. If it stays on, it may indicate another type of problem.
Good luck.
Very, very sorry to hear your story. This won't help now but the smartest thing I ever did was take my car to an independent Porsche/Audi mechanic 4 months before it came off warranty and paid him $150 to check everything on the car. He identified several things (including a slight oil leak). I took his report to Audi and told them to fix EVERYTHING on the list. They did alot of work including replacing some of the engine gaskets. Lesson is, don't rely on the Audi dealer to look for these things.
Saved me a fortune.
As an aside, I'm pretty shocked that Audi would not pay for your repairs given the mileage and the fact the problem (engine lite) had been brought to their attention prior to the expiry of the warranty but had remained unsolved.
Anyways, happy trails.
Originally posted by jgsheridan@Apr 24 2005, 08:16 AM
I have had a similar check engine light problem with my 2000 Audi A6 4.2. The light has been on for over 30000 miles now! Before the warranty ran out I had all kinds of repairs made but nothing solved the problem. The car is running just fine so I have given up trying to locate the problem. Did you have any performance issues when your light was on?
No. The car ran fine. It just got annoying watching that c/e light. I had a dealer check it one time and the vag code came back saying the ECU had detected a misfire. The dealer asked me if I noticed when the light came on (at start up or while the engine was running). Apparently this misfire code is pretty common if the light comes on at start up.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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