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Check Engine Light Keeps Coming On After Dealershi

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Hope all is well , my check engine light keeps illuminating after the dealers states that the problem is cured. dealer is stating that the O2 sensor is the problem and replace the vac lines, but the check light appears.

please advise
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Does your dealer have a VAG fault code reader?Ask to see the readout so you know exactly what the problem is.If they dont have one,go to a dealer that does!
If the O2 sensor is faulty,replacing vac lines wont help! The O2 sensor has a heater element in it,this may be O/C,or the sensor itself may have failed.Anyway,reading the failt codes should show what the problem is.
Does it come on and stay on,or is it intermittant?Could possibly be bad fuel!Do you always fill up at the same gas station?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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