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Cd Changer Problem In 99 A4

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I have a 99 A4 Quattro with the factory CD changer. Just recently, I've had problems with the changer. It will not "read" the CD's - it keeps saying no CD found. I've tried taking all the CD's out in the hopes of resetting it but no go. Any ideas? Thanks.
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try unplugging the harness connecting the CDC to the head unit (plug like 3inches from the CDC unit). that should "reset" the unit. Its possible your CDC laser just died - you may need a new unit. :unsure:
Thanks bhb399mm - I'll give that a try later today and let you know if I'm successful or not.
BHB and Petroman,

I have the same problem with my 99' Audi A4 wagon with a Bose system in it. I tried to reboot the unit as recommended but the screen still reads "No CD". Does this mean that my unit is done and if so do you know exactly what I need to replace and where I can get the best deal?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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