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Catalytic Convertor

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Hi all

Just wanted to know if the catalytic convertor on the a4 can be removed, as my is messed up, and costs a little bit to much to replace @ this time, seeing as christmas is around the corner. Will a normal bottle box do the trick??? Also would the vehicle still be able to run on unleaded fuel, with the catalytic convertor removed. i have checked for senses on the convertor and have found none, which is mined boggling. Hey should there not be a sensor ;) . Nevertheless I would appreciate some feedback.

My dealer is so confused, it's scary <_< - :D
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My 1995 A4 2.6 Quattro (UK model) has a L/H & R/H catalytic convertor,the front pipe to each is fitted with an O2 sensor, the R/H one started to rattle,the mixture became weak) @ 196000mls,the L/H one recently developed the same faults @ 202000mls.
Replacement Timax parts (front pipe with catalyst,coupling pipe,gasket -Trade price £210) were quite easily fitted by myself (approx 2 hrs each side).
The most difficult task was finding the correct location for the coupling piece between the new & old pipes.
I would be pleased to provide detailed info to anyone intending to do this job.
I think that replacing the Catalytic convertor on other models will be very similar.
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