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GROM has developed an app that turns your phone into an infotainment system.

DashLinQ is a car mode app that allows you to minimize the distraction while using your phone's important features during driving. Secured on the car dashboard, and connected to your stereo via Bluetooth or USB, your phone can be a great alternative to the expensive latest car technology.

Providing a specific layout design, DashLinQ offers drivers easy access to phone calling, GPS navigation, music, and more. Large fonts and vivid colors, as well as intuitive user interface, are the foundation of DashLinQ design. Two critical functions – navigation and phone dialing, are activated with Voice Control Activation.

For more information, please visit DashLinQ page and watch DashLinQ demo video on GROM YouTube channel. We are open to your suggestions and comments, please join our Google Plus community

Drive happy!
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