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Canu I Install A Blow Off Valve

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hi everyone

i no that the audi has a recirculating system where the turbo puts the sir back into the intake. my mechanic tells me that if i take off the diverter valve the car will cut off . i was wondering if this is true and if it is can i have both a diverter var and blow off valve in my car without having ne performance problems or affect the car in ne way.
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don't install a BOV on the 1.8t. Here are two reasons why: firt of all (which you already discussed) the 1.8t isnt made for a BOV. It has a diverter valve. Reason 2: ususally people put blow off valves on for proformance reasons, putting on on a 1.8t would only sound cool, not really give you any proformance - actually proformance would probably suffer.

You need to get an aftermarket diverter valve like the one from Forge. You'll get a similar sound to a BOV without the other problems.
k thanks alot i wont be installing a blow off valve i think ill just leave the existing diverter valve (if it aint broke dont change it_).

my next problem is MY POWER STEERING line the line is passing over the transmission and and going into the steering box and leaking right there how do i take out this high pressure line the leaking fluid already cost me 2 transmission mounts i managed to convince a guy workin in the audi shop 2 sell me 1 for $10 .but i am ordering another but i must change the hose please tell me how i go about getting it
i saw this weird hybrid bov on another forum its a combo of both the diverter and blow off vavle does anyone know of this and how it performs
no.. but not sure why you'd want that... i'd rather have the excess air pushed back into the air system rather than being shot into the atmosphere :huh:
i dont know i guess im one of those who likes the sound
if anyone wants to check it out the site for it is
Originally posted by DTM384@Jan 26 2005, 05:09 PM
i dont know i guess im one of those who likes the sound
diverter valves make a louder sound too... just a different type. ppl who know audis/vws know the sound. people who really know audis/vws who here a BOV "pssssssst" will be mad at you :p
well i respect my peers so none of that for me :D
since im no good at cars(at least the engine anyway) what kind of sound does it make
hard to describe.. still sounds like air being moved from one place to another.. a diverter valve sounds more mechanical i'd say... just get one. its just about the same price as a BOV
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