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As I’m owner of 2003 Audi TT V6 DSG…….I believe that I have a short somewhere. The battery runs down fast if I don't disconnect it. When I run the engine the voltage gauage becomes less negative (slightly more so when the engine is racing.)

Anyway I think :rolleyes: I have a short somewhere: The rear dome light has always been a problem in the past in that it would always blow out any new bulb. I have recently had most of my dash indicators stop working (All that are working are the Voltage gauage and the speedometer/odometer). These are clues for a possible short that I know of. I've done a curiory look at the wiring and can't see anything.
I looked for the fuse box so I could isolate things but couldn't find it.

Can somebody tell me where the fuse box is :blink: ? Or what better yet what the likely problem is?
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