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Can I Upgrade My A8 Nose To Look Like The W12

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I heard some time on 2006 the nose of the of the A 8 is changing ,,,,,,,,,, the question is can we upgrade our cars by fixing the new bumper? and how much of cost we are talking about? I have searched the net for the new nose which is the W12 face but could not get any sites supplying the bumpers. I wish someone from Audi can answer us.
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think we'll probably kno more when the 06's hit dealerships <_<
I'm just in the process of upgrading the front and rear of my A8 to 2008 specification


2x Fog lamps
2x Fog lamp plugs
2x Fog lamp grills
1x Front bumper (plus paint job)
1x front Grill
1x number plate holder


2x Outer light clusters
2x Inner light clusters
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