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I'm new and have no idea if you will be able to help.

I've been running an A4 2.5TDi since new and have now done 125,000 miles. Up to 120,000 I had never, ever, had to top up the oil between services.

At 120,000 I suffered a failure that was diagnosed as a failed crankcase breather assembly. It was changed by an Audi specialist (but not main dealer) and the symptoms of clouds of grey/white smoke stopped.

Now here's the problem. Since then I have twice had low oil warning lights, both times at motorway speeds, and have had to put in a litre of oil each time. So two litres of oil in the last 5000 miles and none in the prior 120,000.

Has anyone any ideas about what's changed please?

No here's a snippet that will convince you that I'm completely nuts! Before the crankcase breather issue the engine temp was always at 90 degrees. Since the repair it's typically at 70-75 until I've been on the M'way for a very long time. Probably not related at all but another piece of info.

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