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Hi everyone.

A group of us at the UK TT Forum (UK TT Forum :: UK TTOC) have been having problems with our DSG.
One of the most common faults seems to be with the Mechatronic Control Module failing in the cars.
Symptoms of this include the car not being able to select any gears, or sticking in a particular gear.
A lucky few have had them replaced under warranty, but some have also then needed their gearboxes replaced at a later date.

You can watch a video of an 07 A3 experiencing the DSG problem here:

I myself am currently in the process of forking out £661 towards the cost of my replacement control module, due to me finally getting Audi UK to contribute 60% towards the repair as a goodwill gesture, and my dealer doing the repair at "warranty price" (i.e. no VAT).
The normal dealer cost for parts and fitting is £1755.09
Incidentally, the cost of replacing the gearbox is approx. £5,000.

My fault occurred when doing an emergency stop from 30mph to avoid hitting two pheasants who decided to wander on to the road. The car lost all power and wouldn’t drive as it couldn’t select a gear.
If this had happened on a motorway, I could have been involved in a serious accident.

My car is an 04 plate, which is now 3 and a half years old, and has only covered 33,000 miles
According to Audi UK, my car is "old" and I should expect some electronic failures.
I paid £23,000 for my car, and have owned it for just over a year.
I don’t see why I should have to pay for what is obviously a defective electronic part that should last the life of the car.

Hundreds of TT owners have had problems with dashpods in older cars, which Audi were charging £700 to replace. A large number of the TT Forum member-base logged complaints with Watchdog, and we were successful in getting Audi to admit the parts were inadequate and to re-imburse those who had already had to pay for a new dashpod, as well as offering to replace dashpod failures free of charge in cars up to 5 years old.

We feel that there is a similar problem brewing with the DSG equipment that has been used not only in our TTs, but in a large number of cars across the VAG range.

If you have had a DSG related problem and have been made to pay for repairs, can you please log details of your problem with Watchdog on the link below.
Similarly, if you have had DSG problems which have been replaced under warranty, can you also please log details of your problem with Watchdog, letting them know that you are unhappy about the inconvenience this has caused, and are worried about the gearbox failing again in the near future.

The more people who register, the better chance we have of getting our money back and getting Audi to admit there is a problem with their DSG boxes.

I will post updates on any progress made to the following thread on the UK TT Forum:

I will be posting this thread on various VAG related forums, and would really appreciate any help anyone can offer to help spread the word.

Thanks for reading.
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