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Hi everyone, I'm so happy I found this forum. To be honest, I registered with another audi forum when I first bought my audi, but unfortunately it seems that none of them owned a mid 90's cabriolet - so none of them could really answer my questions / concerns. Not to bad mouth them because they're fairly knowledgeable when it came to their own audis - so kudos to them about that.

So to keep instride with all the other Cabriolet questions since summer's around the corner, cometh the problems with the softtops - I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction regarding my problem. I just bought my 1995 Audi Cabriolet 2.8V6 a month ago - 5/2/06 and just my luck would you have it - it's been raining like nuts here.

When it rains really hard for hours or extended periods, there's a small leak that can add up over time as I've found out. The drip that I've visually witnessed is on both sides of the front seats - directly across from each other near / above the door locks - dripping onto the edge of the seats towards the door.

It seems that water manages to penetrate the exterior fabric roof, but then rolls to the 2 edges (as I've described above) inbetween the exterior fabric top, and the fabric top that lines the interior roof. Please let me know if this doesn't make sense. I've washed the top on the sunny days with the raggtop cleaner - let it dry thoroughly in the sun - and applied the raggtop sealant generously. Applying 3 coats in 15 minute intervals and let it dry in the sun. I've done this twice already, which seemed to really help until I looked this morning. I found 2 really damp spots behind both front seats on the floor. I don't know what to do. I don't exactly want to spend the money to replace the whole top unless it's absolutely necessary. Any ideas will most definitely appreciated. Thanks.

btw I love this car - 1st car, 1st audi.
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