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I am having lots of issues with finding parts for my car. I have an C4 S6 4.2 4A Avant.

I need the tie rods for the front and they are really in bad shape. But I cannot find the parts that I need. I imported the car from Germany to Canada.

I have the part numbers but I was told that I cannot get them because they are not made anymore. They are
4A0 419 802 E
4A0 419 801 E

They are the assemblies that have the bend in them. I can get the straight ones but they do not fit the car as they are meant for the 2.2. It would be great if someone can please help me find them or have some ideas.

I am also looking for the Transmission Mounts:
4A0 399 420L
4A0 399 419L
Someone said I can use the 4A0 399 420E, 4A0 399 419E. Is this true ?
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