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Buying An Old Shape S4 Avant - Help!

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Firstly, let me introduce myself as a new forum member. Having browsed through the forum I can see you all take it seriously and offer good advice.

I am thinking of buying a 1998 S4 Avant in Nogaro blue with 69,000 miles (advertised on eBay privately) and I wondered what advice you could give me about what to look for.

One concern is that the air bag light stays on. The seller reckons it's a simple repair, but I'm hesitant.

The owner has had the engine tweaked by AMD to 321 bhp, which sounds good, but does this adversely effect the engine or other parts?

Please help.......
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hello just to let you know a few things to look for on the s4.cheak on startup there is not alot of blue smoke as this is turbo wear along with valves. ask to cheak the two dump valves as the standaur PLASTIC ones are prone to crack but with the bhp increase should have been changed. cheak how clean the oil is as changes should be done reguarly.
the bhp increase will not harm the car as amd are a very very good tunning company but see if there are reciepts for the work as if its just a chip change the power will be more like 310bhp.
now the worring part, the light can be a simple fuse to a major wiring problem and the only way to find out is put it on a diagnostic tester and would suggest a dealer do it so you know the cost of fixing before you buy. seems alot of hasstle but if the seller wants the sale he should not object to doing it unles he already knows its a major fault. and belive me the car is worth the trouble. hope this helps B)
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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