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Hi all,

I'm brand new here. I'm in the process of looking for my next car and am interested in a B6 model A4 Avant . This would be my first Audi as I currently drive a Fabia Classic but want something nicer all round.

My budget for initally buying the car is quite limited, at around £1500. Beggars can't be choosers but the 1.9TDI engine and a manual gearbox are my non-negotiables; for anything else (quattro, extras etc) I am realistic that my choices will be limited.

Basically I'm after any general buying advice but also have a few specific questions; hope this is okay.

1. I understand that one potential problem is that the ECU unit is under the passenger footwell and is prone to water damage. Is there any way I could check this out before buying a car? I've heard you have to take the carpet up to check it but I can't imagine many sellers being willing to let me do that!

2. At £1.5k I'm unquestionably going to end up with a high-miler. I'm fine with this (the fabia's on 207k) to an extent as I know the engine's a solid one if properly looked after, but what other problems am I likely to encounter? Do I have any chance of getting a reliable car?

3. From what I can tell, the car was available with 110, 115 and 130bhp (and 150?) variations of the 1.9TDI, similar to other VAG cars of the early 2000s. Was the 6-speed manual available with all variations of the engine or just the 130?

4. I don't remember a lot about this model A4 when it was brand new as I wasn't as interested in cars when I was younger. Was there a lot of optional kit when speccing from brand new with this model? If so, although clearly each car will be different, are there any features or optional extras that would be particularly beneficial if I can find a suitable car with them included?

Any other general tips for buying, owning etc would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks very much
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