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Buying a '87 Coupe GT, got a few questions.

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I'm looking at buying a 1987 Coupe GT. Here are some specs:
  • 2.3L l5 engine
  • non-quattro
  • digital dash
  • has minor cosmetic damage on right side (see pic)
  • fuel pump wire is loose, has to be messed with or car doesn't start
  • dash light behind digital dash doesn't work
  • fart can :c

What I was hoping to do was get the car and fix the immediate problems. After getting a bit more money I was hoping the swap the 10v AAR head withe the 20v 7A head to bring it from 131hp to 168hp. I was also hoping I could somehow install the Quattro system from the Coupe GT Quattro.

I went to look at the car with my friend and afterwards he told me that, regardless of the condition, the car was a piece of junk and not worth the trouble. He cited mostly the fact that the car was prone to electrical troubles. Now he's suggesting I buy some turd-gen Firebird instead.

So I need some help with this. How reliable is the Coupe GT? I want to drive this thing to school/work and back everyday without playing with the electronics. Is it going to work consistently?

Also, what about the modifications? Is the quattro conversion possible? Does changing the headers require that I change other things as well?

Any answers are greatly appreciated. Here are some pictures:

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OMG, no one could answer you?

Did you finally buy a car?
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