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My name is Paul and I live in Annapolis, Maryland. I build offroad trucks and recently aquired a Mazda miata... I just didn't want to hock stuff here without introducing myself first.

I bought a set of Brembo Stop Tech Brakes. They came off of an Audi A4 and will apparently fit 1996 to 2001. I was told that these could fit a Miata with some modifications. Well, I was misinformed... There's no way these will fit; they're too BIG.

So, I decided to sell them and thought I'd offer them in an Audi forum before I put them on eBay. Included are the calipers and the slotted, floating Aero rotors. These are used and in good shape. I'm asking $1200.00 for the set and I'll cover shipping. Or, you could pick these up at my house for $1100.00. I might also be able to get the stainless brakelines too but I'm not certain. I've seen some places offer these for up to $3000.00 new. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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