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There has been a lot of chatter on other forums about the perceived poor quality of the Audi allroad brake rotors. And, the issue has been compounded by AoA's handling of the problem. I was just curious what allroad drivers in this group are experiencing.

Our allroad has 56K miles on it and the brakes were shimming a lot under both gentle and hard braking. A recent minor issue caused me to take the car in the Audi dealership and I asked for the brakes to be checked. The rotors were indeed warped but could not be "turned" to true them up.

The service advisor said AoA has recently changed their position on replacing rotors but since I was passed the warranty, there was nothing the dealership could do for me in terms of financial assistance.

I had them replace the bad front rotors and the whole thing cost me $385.00 (parts and labor). But, the caliper has what I will describe as an air-scoop that I don't recall existing on the original. Did I just miss this feature on the originals or is it something new?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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