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My Audi A4 (B6 Saloon) has the standard Concert Head Unit & all the speakers / sub etc..

I recently purchased all the Bose Speakers (Front & Back components, Centre, Sub & Amp) from Ebay
All the speakers have been fitted – fine OK

I only have a problem with the Amp.
The existing amp only drives the back doors & the sub,
Where as the Bose amp needs to drive the Front doors, centre, back doors & Sub.
The Multi plug on the amp is different….
How do I get this working ?
I phoned Audi Parts dept – they reckoned a full loom!!!

I have a wiring diagram of the terminals of the Bose Amp.
Shall I just wire it up all from scratch using spades & good speaker cable etc ?

Also, when you switch on the Concert head unit on an Audi car which has got Factory Bose
The screen flashes up “BOSE” – I need to get the ECU re-programmed with the VAGCOM system.
If I re-wire this from scratch will this effect the ECU re-programme?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,


David Kyle
Edinburgh, Scotland

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Do you still have the amp that drives the rear speakers?? mine is goosed but i cant find a replacement on ebay and dont want to go to the main dealership as theyve already fleeced me!
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