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First post on this site and was going to talk aout MMI and IPOD interfaces but some tw*t in a lorry has just pranged my 6 week old A6 avant. Not having much luck with cars recently as this will make the third pillock in 2 years to rearrange my ride. First was an old git who t-boned me while pulling out of a side street. Silly old fart had to look up his telephone number in a notebook he carried as he couldn't remember it. That was £1500 and 2 weeks in the garage for my previous car an A4 Avant 2.5TDi. The next was a paddy (sorry to all the Irish out there but he was a stereotype road gang labourer) driving a tipper lorry who left wheel nut marks all down the four offside panels as he pushed me into the kerb on a corner on the A13 in east London. 10 days and £1900 for the poor old A4 again. Just picked up the new A6 avant 2.7TDi Quattro (company car tax is a bummer but what the hell) 2 days before xmas and today at 0845 some donkey in a courier lorry cuts a corner and takes the opportunity to change the graceful flowing lines of my offside front wing and bumper into something that now looks like a BMW 5 series. Tosser!. Haven't had the quotes yet but sure to be pricey.

Anyway I'm Bill............

If anyone has anymore info on ways to put an IPOD into an MMI equipped A6 please feel free.

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