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I am having the same issues as described in this thread.

My Motorola V551 worked perfectly via Bluetooth with my 2005 A6 - SIM phonebook display, received calls & caller ID. Unfortunately, after upgrading to the Blackberry 8700C (Cingular), the phone is doing the following:

1. Causing the MMI interface to show an incoming call from "Unknown" and ring twice, then hangs up. (Described in Blackberry Knowledge Base #KB-04837)

2. Phone book, recent calls, etc. are not transferring. (#KB-04714)

3. Phone reboots if the car is turned off prior to disconnecting the Bluetooth connection manually on the phone. If the 8700c initiates the disconnect, it isn't rebooting the phone. (Haven't seen this documented anywhere)

Has anyone tried to upgrade their 2005 Audio kit to the 2006 version? Is it possible? (Via firmware update or upgrade of the MMI controller)

Does anyone know what version of the Bluetooth HFP and/or SAP spec (see: the A6 ('05 or '06) is running? This may provide part of the answer if they are using something pre-1.0 HFP.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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