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Hi, I am having the same issues with my 8700r rebooting after using the bluetooth, but very intermittenly; The sim card and directory downloads without issue, although the recent calls do not work. Anyway, the issue of rebooting: I checked the blackberry site ( And the car kit says it is compatible.
I have tried Audi several times as well getting now where, and have had Rogers replace my phone. None of this seems to make any difference. I now beleive the car is sending a commnand at the end of a conversation which is forcing the phone to reboot. (I would imagine it is security related, or maybe the way the software signs itself off). In anycase, if anyone can get anywhere with Audi, or Blackberry please let me know.
(by the way, this is the 2nd year of the car, not the first. In addition the bluetooth kit is the same as the A8, and the BMW's)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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