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Hi there guys,

i was just reading your post and although i dont own an a6, i have the a3 with an aftermarket bluetooth car kit and a sony ericsson p900.

i also used to work for a phone co for about 3 years so hopefully i know a thing or 2 about phones hehe.

if you are still having problems with the calls not coming through, or the call quality being poor, the great thing about sonyericsson phones is that you can update the firmware yourself without having to send it off and wait 2 weeks for it to be sent back to you!

as long as you have the phone cradle, and your using the s700i, this is the link you are needing

this will update the firemware which in most cases are the cause of most problems. If your dealer is also willing to update the firmware on the bluetooth car kit, id defiantly get that done as well

hope this is of somw help to you,

let me know how it all goes,

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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