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bluetooth & audi in car phone. problems adding nokia. (SWEDEN)


bought 2nd hand 2005 A6 (fsi 3.2l quattro etc.) in SWEDEN
demo model from dealer so i didn;t select the options.

it has a builtin handset /SIM and MMI has bluetooth setup options.

dealer is telling me that the bluetooth cannot be used with another bluetooth handset (in my case nokia 6230 latest firmware 5.5)

seems odd.
- are there two phone options one with and one without handset ?
- would having the audi handset bar my nokia ?
- any way around all this ?

doesn;t this sound stupid !!


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I finally retired my trusty A4 2.8 1999 in favor of a brand new A4 3.2 2006 with a Nav system and bluetooth technology package. It is a joy!

My Sony Ericsson K750i had decent bluetooth interaction with the phone package, and I can get a display of my phone entries in my instrument cluster display. I can initiate and cancel calls from the steering whell (version B ) with only minor problems. I get incoming calls recognized and display the entry name.

However, I am unable to assign name tags to cell phone package entries.

I go through the procedure described in page 104-105 of the Nav system manual:
1 - MODE and croll to an entry
2 - click TALK and get a chime
3 - issue a STORE NUMBRE command
4 - asked for a name and give it with a repeat

and here was suppose to be the end of the story and the name tag assigned, the entry should get a little arrow to indicate it, instead, at that point I am asked to provide a number, and if I continue I will get a standard STORE NAME entry.

Can anyone report sucess in creating name tags for phone entries with a similar setup?



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One thing you might try is to upgrade your firmware from Sony Ericcson. Go to thier support site and down load their download manager utility for the k750i. This lets you connect your phone to a computer and upgrade the software. I was having problems with my new a6 4.2 quattro for the first few days. After I upgraded the software, the phone works flawlessly. I have not tried the voicetag option. E
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