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I just changed my 2005 a4 to xeonxs with a after market kit. I had to wire the kit directly to my battery b/c the stock power headlight wire didnt give enought power. THe kit works perfect but now b/c i dont have the stock blubs pluged into the harness it is throwing the Left and right dipped headlight code. This audi said would be caused by a burnet out bulb. Since i have no bulbs connected to the harness it is giving this code. Is their anyway to make it think that their is still a bulb connected and working properly so this code will go away on my dash????????

Also I am not totally sure that when the code Left headlight dipped and right headlight dipped means that it is saying the bulb is burnt out? I think it means that it is out of alignment and needs to be fixed?

So what does headlight dipped mean?
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