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Car is used for track and was neglected , as the pictures show.
-p21s gel , car soap , multiple brush action , tires got meguiar`s 40 , and wheels was seal with klasse aio.
Plastic trims:
-brush action with apc+ (megular`s all purpose cleaner plus) and dress with m40 (meguiar`s vinyl clener conditioner)
Car was washed with onr and 2 buckets , clay and onr as lube, was used 3 different size tape , all the mesh grills was taped.
Inside all the aluminum was seal with opti-seal , all vinyl on doors and inside – m40
Seats got optimum leather protectant .
Red Engine covers was polished with 205 and rotary and seal with klasse aio
- m105 on orange pad , with pc
-m205 on sonus white pad on pc
-paint was seal with klasse sg polychraged and wipe with optimum car wax.
Clear bra was polished with m205 and polish pad.
Total time 11 hours.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts