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Bigger Injectors 2.5 Tdi

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hi everyone, does any of you have informations about were to get larger injectors for my 2.5 tdi quattro year 2002 ake engine with 180 bhp the car is limited by the injectors at 200 bhp :D
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If you get any information on this - could you let me know how you get on ?

I have the same car - i went to & got it chipped.
Went from 180bhp to 208bhp - however, i wasnt entirely happy, so they made me up a special "Higher Profile" which tweaked it a little more to 215bhp with 318lb ft torque
In 6th Gear - Sitting at 60mph, 60 to 80mph took 13.5 secs (Stock)
Afer the chip - it takes 9.1 secs !!

email me on [email protected]

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