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Hi All,

I have recently bought a used A5 2014 Black edition. After one month the battery started to go flat on a weekly basis. After almost 4-5 weeks of investigation in the garage, it has been traced back to the MMI control panel and the MMI control unit - i was quoted almost £5200 (40% cost of the car itself lol) for replacing both for brand new components including installation and programming.

A week before the battery started to got flat the first time, I was in a car audio shop to install an additional subwoofer (active sub with own amp). The shop could only install the cables (connecting them to one of the MMI units and ingnition) because they haven't had the sub in stock that i have ordered. The cables weren't connected to the battery at this point. A week later the battery started playing up. Due to the Pandemic and supply chain shortages the audio shop owner offered to install a temporary sub so i don't have to wait such a long time until he will able to source the sub i have ordered. He installed the temporary sub but there was no signal/sound coming from the sub. After investigating this issue he noticed that some of the cables have been incorrectly connected and he told me that he had to do some "soldering" hmm..

My issue is, that at the moment i am not sure if this issue was already with the car when i bought it (and not declared by previous owner/dealer etc.) or if it could have been caused by the audio shop?

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. If this issue has been caused by the audio shop, what are my options in getting them to pay for replacing the MMI parts? I am happy to go for used items as the brand new ones are just ridiculously expensive.

Thank you
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