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Hello I need some serious help with my b8 2009 s5.
So back story on it- I’ve been needing to replace the clutch for about 2 years now (I felt it going out due to constant blown slave cylinders). It ended up completely going out a few months ago, it was extremely hard to shift gears and it just ended up going out completely and I couldn’t turn it on anymore.
So anyways a few weeks ago I dropped off the car to a mechanic to replace the clutch which I knew for a fact was the issue as to why the car isn’t starting. Also I wanted to mention I bought a used clutch, flywheel, and throw out bearing (only had about 3k miles on it, the guy had it all installed in a new transmission and I looked at everything and it was fine). So the mechanic ends up putting the clutch in and the car starts now (thankfully) but when the car is turned on it doesn’t go into gear? Or even when the car is off you can’t depress the clutch because it’s so stiff. It ended up breaking my master cylinder because we were trying so hard to press down the clutch.
Here is where I am stumped-
He claims to have installed everything correctly but I think the throw out bearing is possibly stuck and that he needs to open it up and position it correctly but that requires opening up the entire transmission again and I’m pretty sure he will charge me again for the labor but it wasn’t my fault if he installed it wrong? Or is there a way to test of the throw out bearing is working?
Another issue it could be is the slave cylinder which wasn’t replaced after the new clutch was put in. My issue with testing this out is that if it’s not the issue I’d be blowing out $100 slave cylinders and constantly having to buy a new one.
Another issue it could be is the wiring harness on the clutch or that it has too much pressure inside it if he didn’t bleed it correctly.
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