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I have a 2007 Audi B7 2.0tdi 16v, BRE engine. Recently the car has been vibrating a bit on heavy acceleration from 2000rpm but it would stop if you accelerated through. Last week I had a service and car was running better although the vibration was still there.

A couple of days ago, we loss boost/power, but the turbo/boost would kick in around 2500rpm+ and the car would pick up. Before this point though it would be chucking out a load of black smoke. After doing some searching around forums, a lot of people had the EGR valve replaced. I had mine replaced 18mnths ago but I suspect it was a cheap one.

I took off the EGR valve and throttle body, the EGR is pretty clogged up, but I noticed that the flap has a few millimeters of play before the spindle/gears turn. I am guessing there should be no play at all ? I have noticed on other images that the flap is welded to the spindle so I can imagine there shouldn't be play. I expect the flap isnt fully opening. Would this cause a lack of boost ?

I am thinking of having it blocked off - is there any negatives to having this done ?

thanks in advance
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