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Hey guys, I have a problem I was hoping someone could help me with. I have a '04 S4 (B6) with the Auto/Tip gearbox and about 118,000mi on the car. It has had an issue for the last few months:

-When at cruising speed, engine rpm jumps up and down 100-200rpm about every second. This only really happens under 2000rpm. If I am driving 70 on the highway, and the engine is at 2100/2200 rpm there is no issue.
-This issue only happens when the engine is started cold, and the amount that it happens is directly related to the engine temp when starting the car (i.e. The problem happens less if the temp gauge is half way between running temp and cold)

My mechanic took a quick look at the usual suspects (Mass airflow sensor, and a few other things) and said they all looked good.

My current theory, based on web research, is possibly the torque converter. I know a lot of the A4's and A6's from this time period had that issue. Does anyone have any input or other ideas? My car will be going in for a service in a few weeks (spark plugs, oil change) and I was planning on asking my mechanic to look into it further.

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