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Firstly, a good day to all .... this is my first post.

I have recently purchased a b6 and have been having LOTS of fun with this new toy (mods include flashing, 18" wheels, neuspeed exhaust, body syling). I am in the process of installing a boost/vacuum guage and thereafter a larger air intake system. We'll see about injectors .... it never ends, RIGHT?:)

In any event, I am curious whether anyone has wanted to and has successfully reduced the exhaust drone noise (usually occurs when engine under load and is turning at approx 3000-3500 rpm) that resonates throughout the interior. The Neuspeed has a very clean sound which I do like, but it would be that much better if I could reduce this drone. To date, I have lined the trunk space with the sound barrier material (foil backed with dense black tar-like material that adheres to metal when heated) and have seen/heard some improvement.

I have thought of removing the rear seat and lining that area as well .... although I am not certain YET how to remove the rear bench.

Hence TWO TOPICS for discussion: specific sound reduction solution AND rear seat removal.

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