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Im in the process of looking for a 2003-2004 b6 audi a6 quattro with black leather interior and manual tranny. preferably ultra sport if i can find the right one. Anyway i had my heart set that i was going to get the 1.8t because it has so much more potential for performance. but i was just curious as to if the 3.0v6 could handle say a 50 or 75 shot of nitrous? Ive read up and the only thing really available that is significant is the supercharger which ive heard bad stories about anyway. I figure even a 50 shot will give me the power when i want it but I dont have to be running it all the time. I occasionaly go to the track and what not so its not like i would be giving it shots all the time, just in those "times of need" if you catch my drift. Anyway i was just wondering what we would be looking at for the engine to handle it if anything. All advice is appreciated. I consider myself to be pretty good with mechanics but this is my entry into the german world from mustangs and what not. My friend got a 540i and my mom recently aquired a 08 gti and i love the quality and luxury of the german cars and im really loving the b6 a4.

Any advice appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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