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RE; 2000 Audi a3 1.8

I wish to express my deep disappointment and dissatisfaction with my wife’s car. It has travelled 80,000k's
Been serviced (to excess) to keep it reliable. Last service was at 75000 k's.It also had new rotors and brake pads installed at that time. We were informed; the next service 90, ooo k's the timing belt will need to be renewed and while that is being done the water pump etc will also need to be replaced. On Sunday 16/11/05 aprox 11 PM we were returning from a family outing and travelling at 110 k's on the F 3 freeway to Gosford. The temperature alarm sounded the car seemed to loose power and was running poorly. I immediately slowed down and pulled to the nearest safe spot. I popped the bonnet; steam was billowing from the engine bay. We had the vehicle towed etc. To make a long story short I have a mechanic with many years experience dealing with exotic vehicles and he states he has never seen a water pump explode into pieces like this one. He is supplying a report and photos. He stated that the component is cheap and shoddy. It has a plastic impeller which will not last. It is being replaced with a pump with a brass impeller. Additionally the timing belt broke which caused some of the inlet valves to bend. Suffice to say at this juncture I am most reluctant to recommend these cars with this defect to any of my colleagues,
I have contacted Audi phone/email.
I have spoken to Adrian Muller of Muller & Muller Pty Ltd .He stated when they replace the timing belt they also replace the water pump ( one which has a brass impeller).I am writing to warn all Audi owners about the problem. There has been extensive chat on Audi forums about premature timing belt failures. The general consensus is to have these parts replaced at 50/60 K’s not 90K’s as suggested in the service manual. It’s just not worth the risk. :(
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