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I have just had a replacment engine fitted to my 1996 Audi A4 1.8 20 Valve.

Whilst it runs it doesnt run that well. For instance when i go up hills with my foot to the floor in 5th at low revs it tends to choke and splutter! in fact i have heard the occasional pop or miss fire.

the garage that donr the work have said this is to be expected and that i should drive it for a week or two to get the electronic engine management thingy get used to the replacment engine.

This sounds like rubbish to me, does anyone have any idea?

Basically the new engine doesnt seem to match the old computer and is causing issues.

Can i have the car tuned? or is it hard coded?

Could this be due to the new cam belt being one tooth of its right place or would this cause serious damage. Im sorry but i am just trying to get some information for when i call the garage so im not ripped off!

Thnaks for nay advice
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