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Hi guys,

I have had my Audi S5 for over a year now. Its a 08 model and I absolutely love the car!

I just purchased a set of genuine RS5 Rotor wheels to fit to the car. I am told that the original Audi Wheel Bolts/Nuts will be fine to use.

However I am not sure this is the case for me. I did not notice when I purchased the car but there are actually spaces in the wheels. I have a space saver wheel in the boot and when I had a puncture a few months back we were unable to fit spare wheel without using the spacer as the wheel bolts were too long (the spacer looked as though it was stuck to the original wheel so the AA person had to really knock the spacer off!).

I am guessing the wheel bolts are probably not the original ones and are longer to accomodate for the spacers, could anybody advise me? Is there any way I can check if they are original wheel bolts/nuts?

And does anyone have any idea where I can get replacement bolts that are good quality? I know Audi will probably charge a fortune but at the same time bolts are vital so they need to be OEM strength and quality.

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