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is an 2001 audi s4 , 72 k original miles on it, is high mod , has almost everything possible u can change on it ( engine and performance)
from distance the car looks good , but after wash and a closer look things are different.

Milltek exhaust



Process :
- wheels got p21s agitated with brushes , sealed with klasse aio
- tires was clean with nxt agitated with sponge and brush, dress with meg endurance gel
- wash with ONR and claybar the whole car using onr as lube
- doors was clean with optimum protectant plus
- leather seats was clean with meg leather cleaner conditioner (one paste) agiated with soft brush
- rubber mats apc+ (1:10) agitated with brush
- all dash / vinyl got optimum protectant plus
- navigation screen was clean with einszett ****pit premium
- windows - meg glass cleaner
- paint 105 on polish pad speed 6 with G110 , all car
- paint 205 on polish pad speed 6 with G110 , all car
- opti-seal
- S100 carnauba wax

wheel before

wheel after

i have to do 2 test spot due the repaint panels , test spot on hood

test spot on trunk before

trunk after

rear pillar from side

rear pillar before

rear pillar after 1 step

i was running late and got dark on me and this is the only after i got in the camera that wasn`t that blurry

interior arm rest

drv seat

int before

int after

some pic after 2 days of rain , is when i had chance to see the car again:

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