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Audi RS 5 Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash

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Hey everyone.

Just wanted to share a video of a client's RS 5 which was brought in for a maintenance wash!

He purchased the vehicle from a dealership that supposedly applied a Ceramic Coating to it themselves.

Yet there were still numerous scratches and swirls that were visible, not to mention a dull/satin finish throughout the paint (most likely due to improper leveling of the coating).

The client brought me the vehicle for a quote and decided to book a single-stage paint correction with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light Ceramic Coating application.

This video is the first maintenance wash it received, months after the our coating application.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any detailing questions, feel free to ask them here or through direct message.

Thanks for reading

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You should come over to my house and show how to do it on my cars
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