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Audi Parts for Sale
Ivan Orisek
[email protected]

- APEX electronic boost controller
- Haltech E6 programmable engine management system with data logging set up for a 5 cylinder 370 HP engine with a set of spare sensors and a manual
- KKK Lehman turbocharger (Group A)
- Two stock Audi 5000 turbochargers
- Matching downpipe with modified wastegate with a choice of springs
- Schrick 272deg./268 deg. camshaft
- Modified, ported 10-valve cylinder head with front to back coolant flow, complete with
o Fuel rail with modified Mitsubishi 780 cc electronic fuel injectors good for 600 HP with a new spare injector injecting, directly over intake valves
o Fabricated aluminum 2 ½ inch throttle body
o Intake manifold with matched ports
o Exhaust manifold with matched ports
- Complete working 2.3 liter engine bottom with
o Forged aluminum JE pistons
o Pauter chromemoly connecting rods
o Total Seal piston rings
o Floating wrist pins
o Baffled oil pan
o 240 mm flywheel and clutch
- Front dual oil cooler setup with Mocal racing thermostat
- Aluminum racing radiator (fits stock mounting points)
- Large Spearco racing intercooler (core 22 x 15 x 3 ½ inches)
- 150 Amps Bosch racing alternator from Audi Sport
- Two electronic distributors without vacuum advance
- Water injection setup injecting into throttle body
- Five 15 inch Fuchs wheels
- Eight Speedline 390 mm wheels with mounted, partially used Michelin TRX gravel tires plus another set of four partially used TRX tires
- Four used Michelin C3 (narrow) snow tires
- Complete fabricated front and rear suspension including
o MacPherson fabricated struts with hubs, lower ball joints and adjustable camber and caster
o Girling brake calipers with several sets of Porterfield carbon Kevlar racing pads (two pistons in front, one piston in rear)
o Bilstein racing shocks with digressive valving
o Eibach progressive springs on adjustable perches
o Tubular lower control arms with wide track with matching axles of proper length
o Set of aluminum bushings for the front subframe
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